EURO<26 university card of part-time students

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EURO<26 university card of part-time students

EURO<26EURO<26 student card is for all students in the part-time form of study who have not yet reached the age of 27.
It is a sticker, which will be put on the back of the University student card of the part-time student and then he can enjoy the world of discounts and benefits of EURO<26.
The EURO<26 licence is valid form September 1, of the respective academic year until September 30, of the next year or until one day before the student reaches 27 years of age (according to the date which occurs first). The validity of the EURO<26 licence needs to be prolonged each year by purchasing a validity stamp

1,000 discounts for only 10€ at your university:

Technická univerzita v Košiciach /Technical University of Košice/

Ústav výpočtovej techniky – pracovisko “Tvorba preukazov” /UVT – Institute of Computer Technology/

8:00 – 15:30
Phone: 602 7603, 602 7605


You will obtain the EURO<26 licence upon presentation of the payment receipt for 10€ to the university account IBAN number: SK3281800000007000065615, variable symbol: 1901020023. For this purpose, you can use a postal money order, bank transfer or cash payment at the UVT Office after the enrolment.