Student Surveys

Thank you for your participation in the Summer and Winter Semester Student Evaluation Survey.

Your answers regarding the study programmes, educational process, teachers and courses have been forwarded to the management of the TUKE faculties.

The most frequent comments made by students in the 2022/2023 Summer and Winter Semester Student Evaluation Survey under the competence of the University:

  • quality and prices in TUKE catering facilities,
  • quality of parking in the student car park,
  • lack of bicycle storage space on the TUKE campus,
  • lack of towels, soap and mirrors in toilets.

In June 2022, a questionnaire was prepared by the Access Centre of TUKE (AC TUKE), the aim of which was to find out the current state of support and satisfaction of students with specific needs with the AC TUKE services provided to them during their studies at the Technical University of Košice, also to reveal weaknesses and strengths and, based on the results, to formulate recommendations for improving the support of students with specific needs. The questionnaire was sent to all students with specific needs who are registered at AC TUKE (58 students in total). The questionnaire was completed by 11 respondents who used AC TUKE services. The experience of study support from AC TUKE was rated as excellent by 5 students, very good by 5 students and good by 1 student, with no negative experiences of AC TUKE services recorded by students. Respondents highlighted the willingness and ability of AC TUKE staff to resolve problems as they arose.

On 26 March 2019, the TUKE management met with members of the student part of the TUKE Academic Senate, heads of the student parts of the academic senates of TUKE faculties and heads of student councils of dormitories. The aim of this meeting was to create a direct communication channel between the TUKE management and student representatives as well as to strengthen mutual trust. During three hours, the student representatives together with the management discussed the evaluation of the student survey, which was available in the MAIS information system during the last winter semester, and the problems that bother the students. The topics discussed focused mainly on dormitories and their renovation, the quality of food and the provision of food subsidies, the increase in international students and hygiene. During the meeting, the students also discussed with the university management other issues that were bothering the students of the various faculties and dormitories, and in an active discussion, the management tried to provide immediate solutions to specific problems. The meeting had a positive response from the management and students alike and therefore the management of the Technical University of Košice decided to organize further discussions with the students.

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Student survey: Evaluation of the quality of education at TUKE

Dear students, fill in the survey and help us to improve the quality of teaching at TUKE!

I want to express my opinion

The sole purpose of this survey is to improve the quality of teaching at TUKE – to correct what hinders you in your learning and to support what helps you. We are interested in the majority opinion, so it is important that as many of you as possible take part in the survey. With low participation, the information gathered does not reflect the true views of students.

Please add your opinion to those of others. Have your say about the courses, the University and yourself by answering the questions offered by the survey. We look forward to hearing your answers!

Pursuant to §70 (1) (h) of Act No 131/2002 Coll.On Higher Education and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts, as amended, a student has the right to express his/her opinion about the quality of teaching and teachers at least once a year in the form of an anonymous questionnaire. At TUKE this opportunity has been offered since the academic year 2006/2007 in the form of university­‑wide student surveys twice a year.

The current survey is accessible to every student after logging into the academic information system MAIS. Logging in is required for each student to vote only once. The management of TUKE guarantees anonymity when voting. The system does not record the link between the students studies and the completed questionnaire. The protection of personal and confidential data is the responsibility of specific authorised TUKE staff. The current survey evaluates the previous semester of the Academic Year.

Thank you for your participation!

Evaluation of participation in the survey Evaluation of the Winter Semester 2023/2024

Faculty Number of students Number of respondents Participation in %
FBERG 1924 461 23,96%
FMMR 178 54 30,34%
SjF 1613 226 14,01%
FEI 4370 2106 48,19%
SvF 970 151 15,57%
EkF 994 109 10,97%
FVT 935 508 54,33%
FU 286 45 15,73%
LF 842 269 31,95%
TUKE 12112 3929 32,44%

Evaluation of participation in the survey Evaluation of the Summer Semester 2023/2024

Faculty Number of students Number of respondents Participation in %
FBERG 1919 182 9,48%
FMMR 178 58 32,58%
SjF 1602 257 16,04%
FEI 4371 1462 33,45%
SvF 966 179 18,53%
EkF 992 123 12,40%
FVT 935 173 18,50%
FU 286 49 17,13%
LF 843 217 25,74%
TUKE 12092 2700 22,33%

Evaluation of participation in the survey for 1st year Bachelor’s degree students AY 2023/2024

Faculty Number of students Number of respondents Participation in %
FBERG 902 118 13,08%
FMMR 46 12 26,09%
SjF 565 161 28,50%
FEI 1761 983 55,82%
SvF 356 103 28,93%
EkF 333 81 24,32%
FVT 363 52 14,33%
FU 58 16 27,59%
LF 266 137 51,50%
TUKE 4650 1663 35,76%

In case of problems with the surveys or if you would like to send comments, please contact

External quality assessment at the Technical University of Košice – Student survey of the Slovak Higher Education Accreditation Agency Akademická štvrťhodinka.