Internal quality system

and Inaugurations
and responsibilities

The Internal Quality Assurance System of Higher Education at the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) regulates the way of fulfilling the mission of TUKE in the field of higher education through:

  • quality assurance strategy for higher education and quality assurance strategy for research activities, artistic activities or other creative activities,
  • processes for quality assurance of higher education and quality of creative activities,
  • the link between creative activities and higher education at TUKE in the relevant field of study.

The internal system is divided into:

  1. Standards for the internal quality assurance system of higher education at TUKE
  2. Standards for approval, management and quality assessment of study programmes at TUKE
  3. Standards for the habilitation procedure and the procedure for appointment of professors at TUKE

Main bodies involved in quality verification at TUKE

Main documents

Responsibilities for quality assurance at TUKE are defined according to:

External documents

Since 2006, TUKE has implemented and certified a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, the documentation of which is part of the Internal Quality Assurance System of Higher Education at TUKE.

The TUKE Board of Quality for ISO 9001 ensures the compatibility of the management system of the entire TUKE, all organisational units and processes with the requirements of STN EN ISO 9001.

The TUKE Accreditation Committee and the TUKE Accreditation Board, an advisory body to the Rector, are also part of the TUKE organisational structure from 2022.

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