Internal Quality System

Quality Indicators

TUKE and its entities monitor and evaluate a set of indicative indicators in the area of:

  • Education
    • Indicators of entry into education 
    • Education process indicators
      • Admission, progression and completion of studies
      • Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment
      • Teachers
      • Creative activity and habilitation and inauguration procedures
    • Learning outcome indicators
  • Science and research
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Internationalisation
  • Infrastructure development
  • ICT development
  • Cooperation with practice and non-academic sphere

TUKE uses the indicators in the preparation of the following reports:

a) Annual report on the activities of the Technical University of Košice;
b) Evaluation of the level of the Technical University of Košice in educational activities;
c) Report on the evaluation of the performance of the quality management system at TUKE;
d) Internal evaluation report of TUKE.


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