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Competences and responsibilities

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Competences and responsibilities

Technical University of Košice (TUKE) consistently applies quality assurance policies in its strategic management. TUKE has assumed primary responsibility for the quality of education provided at all its units, at all levels and in all aspects.

Quality assurance at TUKE level is coordinated by the TUKE Accreditation Board (AR TUKE) and the TUKE Accreditation Committee (AK TUKE). The independence and comprehensiveness of quality assurance is underlined by the representation of students in both bodies and the representation of external stakeholders in the AK TUKE.

The TUKE Accreditation Board is an advisory body of the Rector, whose mission is to coordinate the sequence of steps in the development and subsequent implementation of the internal quality assurance system of higher education at the Technical University of Košice.

The TUKE Accreditation Committee is an independent body which, in accordance with the formalised processes of the internal quality assurance system of higher education at TUKE, impartially, objectively, professionally, transparently and fairly approves the accreditation of study programmes in those fields of study and at the levels of higher education at TUKE in which TUKE has been authorised to establish, implement and modify study programmes on the basis of the decision of the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education.

The quality of study programmes is guaranteed by the Boards of the Study Programmes and Faculty Branch Committees (or the University Branch Committee).

The Board of the Study Programme consists of:

  • the person responsible for the study programme, who is its chairperson;
  • four teachers providing profile courses in the programme of study;
  • one student representative for each level of education in which the programme of study is carried out, for programmes of study which are linked in content;
  • three consultants as representatives of external stakeholders or alumni of the programme of study who are not members of the academic community of the holder of the authorisation and who are not full members of the Board of the Study Programme.

The following are involved in the process of quality assurance and verification of higher education at TUKE:

Quality Verification Quality Assurance

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Responsibilities for quality assurance at TUKE are defined according to:

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