Division of Education

Almost 30 years of education at the University of the Third Age in Košice

University of the Third Age at the Technical University of Košice (UTV) was founded in 1992 as a two-year interest study. Since 1996, UTV has changed to a three-year study. It is run by Vice-Rector for Education of Technical University of Košice. The study is organised in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice. Since 1995, it is a member of the Association of Universities of the Third Age in Slovakia (ASUTV), which was founded on the initiative of universities and other higher education institutions in the Slovak Republic. The total number of graduates of the UTV in Košice for the entire period of its existence is 3 479.

An application for the 1st year of study at the University of the Third Age can be submitted by the end of July of the corresponding calendar year. The conditions of admission to study are: age over 40, completed secondary school study with school-leaving examination and payment of the enrolment fee.

1st year of study is common for all fields of study and during this year students are offered lectures from the entire spectrum of all fields of study. The academic year is divided into two semesters. There are seven lectures within a semester. The review and evaluation of the study results are carried out after the end of the semester and are done in a form announced by the guarantor of the corresponding field of study at the beginning of the semester (usually a multiple choice test with three possible answers). The assessment has two classification grades: passed / did not pass. After successful completion of the final examinations in the 1st year of study, students can be enrolled in the field of study, which they then study for two years. Upon completion of the study, the students are awarded a certificate of completion of the interest third age study in Košice at a graduation ceremony.