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“The Technical University of Košice (TUKE) aims to be a centre of innovation ecosystem, the foundation of which is internationally comparable results of scientific, research and development collaboration with practice. The fulfilment of this aim requires the existence of an institutional platform providing suitable conditions for the emergence of innovation in the broadest sense and their gradual transfer to the industrial and social practice.”

A focal point for these activities is a modern, smart building of the University science park Technicom (UVP Technicom or USP Technicom). UVP Technicom should not only be physical space, but a real ecosystem integrating business, education, science and research. Within UVP Technicom, startups are provided mainly with services and facilities of the TUKE Startup Centre, TUKE Incubator and assistance and consultancy in the field of intellectual property.

“Modern university scientific research centres and faculty laboratories give a chance to every student, staff and people outside the university to fulfil their dreams of a successful professional career.”

Anton Čižmár
Vice-Rector for Innovation and Technology Transfer


Institutional platforms


  • MATLAB software available to all TUKE students and staff
  • New innovative startups in TUKE Incubator pdf
  • 2016 UCITT Annual Report pdf
  • SAAB and TUKE entered a new phase of cooperation pdf
  • HiPEAC workshop na TUKE pdf
  • Research and development departments in UVP Technicom
    • TUKE SjF-MINEBEA pdf
    • TUKE-SWAN pdf
    • TUKE-CVTI pdf
  • Innovative projects at TUKE - 25 project proposals for innovative ideas in the 6th round of the competition "Do you have an idea? Present your startup"
  • Private university cloud for science, research and innovation based on Cisco and VMware technology
  • University HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster for scientific and technical calculations


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Division for Innovations and Technology Transfer

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