The Success of Our Scientists in Russia

University Highlights

On 13-17 May 2019, the delegation of the Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies (FBERG) led by the Dean prof. Ing. Michal Cehlár, PhD., the Vice-dean prof. Ing. Juraj Janočko, PhD., and the head of one of the departments, doc. Ing. Marian Šofranko, PhD., participated in the international conference TOPICAL ISSUES OF RATIONAL USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES in St. Petersburg at the Mining University under the auspices of UNESCO. (show more)

Slovak Innovator of the Year is from TUKE

University Highlights

The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies have announced the 22nd annual of awarding leading Slovak scientists, technologists and young researchers from all fields of science and technology - the Scientist of the Year 2018. (show more)

Taste Vietnam, Go to Vietnam, Love Vietnam


On Wednesday, 28 November 2018, the University Library of the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) was filled with the aroma from Vietnamese cuisine. This exotic Asian country was presented by FPT Slovakia, based in Košice since its establishment in 2004. (show more)

TUKE will also operate in Taiwan

University Highlights

On 10 November 2018 prof. Ing. Vincent Kvočák, PhD., the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Košice (TUKE), and prof. John C.-C., PhD., the Vice-dean of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Chung Hua University, signed the Memorandum on Cooperation between the universities and an agreement of permanent Subsidiary Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Chung Hua University. (show more)

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