TUKE Is a Founding Member of Slovak Battery Alliance

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TUKE Is a Founding Member of Slovak Battery Alliance

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On 20 June 2019 nine entities signed the founding contract of the interest association of legal entities - Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA). This way, Slovakia has declared its ambition to develop a competitive battery ecosystem from research, through production to recycling.

According to expert estimates, from the year 2025, the value of the battery market will be €250 billion and will grow rapidly. Batteries will be essential goods for every economy and their production in Europe is necessary to meet the enormously growing demands and to reduce the dependence on non-European production.

„Given the increasing share of automation and robotics in the industry, it is necessary to look for innovative, yet clean, emission-free and safe technologies. We believe that the newly emerging SBaA will actively support this process,“said co-founder prof. Stanislav Kmeť, the Rector of the Technical University of Košice.

The European Union is supporting the efforts of Member States to build a battery ecosystem with specific programmes. The European Battery Alliance (EBA) brings together approximately 260 industrial entities and innovators and is taking major steps in the mass production of batteries in Europe. SBaA expects close cooperation with EBA and significant support in building battery ecosystem from research, to production to recycling in Slovakia.

SBaA founding members:
IPM, s. r. o.
InoBat j. s. a.
A.En. Slovensko s. r. o.
MSM Holding, s. r. o.
GreenWay Infrastructure s. r. o.
MATADOR Holding, a. s.
Centre for advanced material application SAS
Technical University of Košice

Photos: SBaA

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