Technical University in Košice expresses solidarity and support for Ukrainian students and their families

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Technical University in Košice expresses solidarity and support for Ukrainian students and their families


The Technical University in Košice hosts most Ukrainian students among all Slovak universities. These students came to us in the spirit of freedom and democracy to receive a quality university education that shall enable them to contribute to the development of industry, economy, science, culture, and art in their native Ukraine.

The Technical University in Košice fundamentally disagrees with Russia's inadequate actions and the violent occupation of Ukraine. We respect the entitlement to basic human rights and freedoms, which have been grossly violated. We support a peaceful solution to the problems between countries and condemn the unprecedented use of military force against a country that has ambitions to develop freely and democratically.

We express our support for Ukrainian students and are ready to help them. We encourage all people of goodwill to call for an end to the military conflict and to do everything in their power to resolve it peacefully.

In order to cope with their difficult life situation, the university management has decided to take the following measures:

  • We shall provide free accommodation to Ukrainian citizens coming to Slovakia in student dormitories,
  • We offer free social and psychological counselling to all who have problems coping with this difficult life situation through the TUKE Social and Psychological Support Centre (;;,
  • The TUKE is establishing a single contact point to provide interested parties with information on possible TUKE assistance (in Slovak and Ukrainian: telephone number +421 918 368 052, e-mail,
  • Student councils of the TUKE student dormitories shall waive 50% of the membership fees for the use of services in the summer semester for Ukrainian students who are staying in our student dormitories,
  • We shall provide all students from Ukraine with assistance in coping with their studies at TUKE,
  • We offer voluntary COVID-19 testing to people from Ukraine staying in our accommodation facilities,
  • We support the activities of the humanitarian centre established by our students at the TUKE student dormitories and we encourage all employees willing to help to support this centre (contact:,
  • In cooperation with U. S. Steel s.r.o. Košice, we are preparing other forms of assistance which you will be informed about soon.

The information site for foreign applicants willing to study at TUKE: (in RU Russian, EN English and SK Slovak)

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