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TUKE started printing protective equipment for hospital medical staff

Košice, 23 March 2020

The world, and Europe in particular, is afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is spreading uncontrollably and is gradually affecting all areas of life. People working in the so-called front line, particularly paramedics and medical staff, who come into direct contact with the affected patients, face the greatest risk of infection. In order to increase their safety, it is essential to provide these professionals with devices which are able to eliminate the transmission of the disease to the greatest possible extent, and this range of products is currently the scarcest on the world market.

The Technical University of Košice has joined many who want to help in the current situation and has decided to suspend research in some of its specialized laboratories so that its researchers can concentrate on developing equipment and materials which could help in these difficult times. Staff of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE in co-operation with Biomedical Engineering s.r.o. and O-MEDICAL, s.r.o. has prepared a project for the research, manufacture and use of permanent respirators for protection from coronavirus. Co-operation of these subjects led to rapid implementation of the project and the subsequent distribution of finished products.

„An innovation centre has been established at TUKE for the design and manufacture of permanent respirators and other protective equipment for the fight against coronavirus. By employing modern technologies, 3D printing, and injection technologies, our researchers want to contribute at least to a small extent, and support the work of health professionals, citizens, and by protecting them ensure saving lives of patients,“ said prof. Jozef Živčák, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Through the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TUKE has participated in the call “Pomôž nemocnici” /Help the hospital/ https://pomoznemocnici.sk/, by means of which the protective equipment has been printed. The centre also includes its own design and manufacture of protective shields, especially for doctors.

Departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE involved in the project:

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Measurement, Prototyping and Innovation Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials, and Institute of Management, Industrial and Digital Engineering.


doc. Ing. Radovan Hudák, PhD., member of the research team, radovan.hudak@tuke.sk , 0905 820 734

Fig. 1: Three-piece mask for medical staff

Fig. 2: Clips for making face masks

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