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University STARTUP CUP 2018

University Highlights

Students of TUKE succeeded in the Slovak University STARTUP CUP 2018 and became winners in three of the five categories, with 68 projects in the competition.

TUKE ranked among the winners as the only technical university from Slovakia. The aim of the contest was to appreciate and support the young generation of university students who have innovative ideas and thoughts while helping them transform their innovative solutions into real business. TUKE students won in the following categories:

Category: Industrial Technologies, Technical Solutions, Robotics

Ing. Dominik Dubecký – student startup INNCON-Innovative construction, Faculty of Civil Engineering of TUKE

The startup focuses on the development of two products used in civil engineering: a Comfywarm building slab with a built-in infrared heating and a device for creating additional openings in constructions without damaging the surface.

Category: Environment, Green Technologies

Dávid Kuzmiak – student startup Polythreat Eco, Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling of TUKE

Polythreat Eco is a quenching medium based on dispersion polymers, which is more environmentally friendly and cheaper in comparison with oil and has a broad application in all types of quenching. At the same time, Polythreat Eco offers implementation of quenching equipment and polymer quenching technology.

Category: Other ideas

Lukáš Kianka, Martin Fedorjak – student startup leaf., Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of TUKE

Leaf. innovates the advanced diagnostics of human psychology and, based on human´s immediate reactions, analyses their real personality. The whole analysis process takes place in a laboratory environment operating on the logical room principle and reflecting normal situations typical for a given position.

Students provided solutions in various areas of civil engineering, metallurgy, environment, and even psychology. Their embodied ideas make them move forward, and in the future may help advance humanity itself.

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