Slovak University STARTUP CUP 2019

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Slovak University STARTUP CUP 2019

University Highlights

This year, startups from TUKE dominated the Slovak national competition STARTUP CUP again and won first place in two out of five categories.

The winner of the category Environment, Green Technologies was the Greenspace startup (presented by Jozef Pavlinský from the LF TUKE). The startup focuses on new technologies for charging electric car batteries and non-power driven aircrafts.

The student startup CHECkuP /Cognitive Healthcare Platform/ (presented by Erik Kajáti from the KKUI FEI TUKE) won the main prize of the competition and also the category Science and Medical Technology. It offers a solution for using modern technologies for improving the care for sick and infirm people, who rely on the help of nurses.

Fifty-eight projects from all over Slovakia and innovative ideas in five categories. Move on university students is not coincidental. “These people have a future, we need to support them and their ideas,” said Marián Meško, the Executive Director of Junior Chamber International Slovakia.


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