Open Doors Day at TUKE 2018

On October 16, 2018, the Open Doors Day at the Technical University of Košice attracted thousands of secondary school students.

Given that this year the TUKE commemorates the 160th anniversary of the birth of Aurel Stodola, a great scientist and technician, the theme of this year was “Set your DNA on SUCCESS”.

The official opening of the Open Doors Day at TUKE 2018 took place at Aula Maxima. The visitors were welcomed by prof. Stanislav Kmeť, the Rector of TUKE, who described the current position of the university in the European space and the possibilities not only of study and mobility, but also of support of creativity and innovative ideas, for which the necessary environment is created at TUKE.

The special guest of the event was colonel Ing. Ivan Bella, a former Slovak fighter pilot and the first Slovak astronaut. In 1999, he flew into space as the 385th man from Earth. In his brief greeting, he recalled that he is a graduate of the Air Force College of the Slovak National Uprising in Košice, which was transformed into Faculty of Aeronautics in 2005, and he wished everyone a successful choice in choosing their profession.

The individual faculties of TUKE were introduced by their Deans in brief speeches. These faculty presentations have started the wide range of promotional activities, demonstrations and attractions that took place throughout the university.