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Mental health apps


  • Stress management, mood balancing, sleep improvement, concentration
  • guided meditations, stories for falling asleep, soundscapes, breathing exercises, stretching exercises
  • limited free and premium paid version, Android, iPhone


  • coping with the urge to self-harm
  • Technique categories.
  • The app provides several immediate techniques to help break the cycle of self-injurious behavior and explore underlying triggers
  • Building a “safety net” of thoughts and behaviors
  • provides the opportunity to keep a journal
  • the app is not a substitute for assessment and individual treatment by a health/mental health professional
  • free, Android, iPhone

DAYLIO Journal – Daily Diary

  • works like a diary
  • fitness goal, mental health, as a gratitude journal, mood tracker, food journal
  • Free and premium paid version, Android, iPhone

INTELLECT – Create a Better You

  • self-directed cognitive behavioural therapy programmes
  • Navigating through everyday challenges such as procrastination, stress management and relationship issues
  • Various features: education, mood tracking, rescue sessions, diaries, personal coaching and therapy
  • free, Android, iPhone

MINDSHIFT CBT – Anxiety Relief

  • Inspired by cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Reducing stress, worry, fear, distress and panic using proven strategies.
  • Info on how to face negativity, about anxiety, developing more effective ways of thinking, mindfulness and relaxation
  • Free, Android, iPhone


  • Games, tools and programs to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts and build greater resilience
  • HAPPIFY PLUS – paid
  • free, Android, iPhone


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